Best Feature Film

New Year by Phil Borg CANADA

Best Short Film

21 by Csaba Bene Perlenberg  SWEDEN

Best Documentary Film

Chasing Water by Peter McBride USA

Best Animated Film

The Happets: In The Kingdom Of The Sun by Alex Colls  SPAIN

Best Actor

Aaron Salgado in Ashley Lynn USA

Best Actress

Joanna Douglas in New Year CANADA

Best Director

Csaba Bene Perlenberg – 21 SWEDEN

Best Film Score/Soundtrack

Sharfik – Music by Igor Stetsyuk UKRAINE

Best Triple Threat Film Maker

Luke Matheny – God Of Love USA

On behalf of the filmmakers and artists who make the film festival possible, we thank you for your participation and support.



The success of our festival is all down to the idyllic location in which it is set.  We are blessed to be in a part of a world that offers stunning natural beauty, as well as easy access for people around the globe to come and visit us.  Such visitors have come to our festival via websites such as seowonder.co.uk, travel agents and even just word of mouth.  Last year, we even had a couple cross country hitch-hike to get here!  The fact of the matter is that travel is an integral part of all of our souls.  We yearn to travel to places far and wide, whether it be to our beautiful little festival, or far away places in Europe, such as Italy.  We’re ramblers at hearts and our instinct is to travel and see the world.  Embrace your heart and go forth to see pastures new – then come back and tell us all about it!

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